High Tide Sashimi - Available NOW!


Simply put, Executive Chef Ken Cruz has done it again.

His latest creation, High Tide Sashimi, is a true response to giving the people what they want, and then some. All too often, sushi dishes are slathered in a heavy cream or sugar based sauce that can really take a toll on a guy's weight watcher points (speaking personally, here).

High Tide Sashimi is a new, more healthful approach to huge flavors. With it's ultra thin slices, the premium cuts of fish quickly marinate in olive oil based sauces that are poured right over the fish before your eyes, for a profile previously unseen with typical Sashimi.

It's a flavor revolution. We aren't afraid to say it.

Next time you're at Riptide, be sure to order your Sashimi, "high tide", and you'll discover that you never have to sacrifice flavor when eating a healthier sushi dish.

Have you tried your Sashimi, "high tide" yet? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments bellow!